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U2 'Best of 1990-2000' DVD, tout les détails!

U2 'Best of 1990-2000' DVD, tout les détails!

Encore une info exclusive U2Tour.de, envoyée par nos amis Didi et Daniel.
Le contenu complet et le scan du DVD BEST OF 1990/2000:

U2 “THE BEST OF 1990 – 2000” - DVD

Real Thing
a) Godley Clip + Commentary
b) Smyth Dance Version Clip

Mysterious Ways
a) Sednaoui Video + Commentary

Beautiful Day
a) Akerlund Clip + Commentary

Electrical Storm
a) Video (Director's Version: No Shower Scene) + Commentary
b) “Making Of” Documentary

a) One – Anton Corbijn + Commentary
b) One – Phil Joanou + Commentary
c) “A Story of One” - a combination edit of all the various “Makings of One” shot for and broadcast on Channel 4. The explanation as to why so many versions including maybe a previously unseen clip of the Buffalo + The Band version (Mark Pellingtons attempt to include the band with the buffalo)

Miss Sarajevo
a) Linnane Clip + Commentary
b) “Missing Sarajevo” - road to Sarajevo mini documentary. To be cut from footage gathered in the run up to and including performance footage from the concert in Sarajevo.

Stay (Faraway, So Close)
a) Wenders clip + Commentary

Stuck in a Moment
a) Kahn Clip + Commentary
b) Godley Clip + Commentary

a) Live from Popmart

Until the End of the World
a) Kevin Godley Special (Line from Zoo TV)

The Hands that Built America
a) Studio Video

a) Sednaoui Clip + Commentary

Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me, Kill Me
a) Godley/Linnane + Commentary

Staring at the Sun
a) Scott clip + Commentary
b) Steinberg

a) Godley Clip + Commentary
b) EBN version

The Fly
a) Smith/Klein – Lounge Lizard Mix – the original video had a musical intro featuring Bono interfering with the pedestrians down Soho way. It was a piece that TV stations could either include or not. Most didn't. + Commentary (x 2).

Bonus Tracks:

• Please
Anton Corbijn's Version + Commentary

• If God Will Send His Angels
Phil Joanou + Commentary

• Wild Horses
Phil Joanou + Commentary

• Lemon
Mark Neale Version + Commentary

• Last Night on Earth
Richie Smyth Version + Commentary

• Mofo
Phunk Force Mix – Linnane Version

• Ground Beneath Her Feet
Wim Wenders Version + Commentary