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Bientôt 70 ans pour Bob Dylan : Bono lui rend hommage

Bientôt 70 ans pour Bob Dylan : Bono lui rend hommage

Bono vient d'écrire un joli article dans le magazine américain AARP (Américan Association of Retired People). Non, il ne s'agit pas pour lui de prendre sa retraite ! Mais plutôt de participer à un article collectif, en compagnie notamment de Bruce Springsteen et de Martin Scorsese, pour rendre hommage à Bob Dylan, qui aura 70 ans le 24 mai prochain.

Pas question de dénaturer cet article en le traduisant, car il est bourré de références directes à l'œuvre de Dylan. Donc, pour une fois, voici la version originale :

“When I was 13, Bob Dylan started whispering in my ear… it was a hoarse whisper, jagged around the edges, not-too-plain truths…ideas blowing in the wind about how the world could be a better place if we could just get it out of the hands of the hypocrites.

When I was 16, Bob Dylan whispered in my ear about how the real enemy was not flesh and blood, but of a spiritual nature.

At 21, with the slow train of faith having picked up a little too much speed, I stood at a religious crossroads and heard "Every Grain of Sand" stop time.

When I got married at 22, Bob Dylan was whispering in my ear about love and infidelity.

When I had my first child at 29, Bob Dylan wrote "Ring Them Bells" and "What Good Am I?"

When I ran out of gas in the late '90s, I had “Time Out of Mind “ to hold on to.

When the world crumbled around two shining towers, and New York had its two front teeth knocked out, I had “Love and Theft” to hang on to.

Now, having faced 50, I'm realizing I knew much more then than I do now. I'm returning to the brutal truth that "The Times They Are A-Changin' " — but you don't have to let them change you.

In short, all my life, Bob Dylan has been there for me”.

La totalité de l'article de AARP ici :
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